I am Deputy Programme Director of the MSc Clinical Education at the University of Edinburgh and Director of the Edinburgh Summer School in Clinical Education. I am also a tutor on the MSc Digital Education.


My main areas of research are around technology, education and memory, although I am also interested in understanding how practitioners operate in and across complex settings environments. See the publications page for more details. My PhD thesis was about technology, photography and memory (see more via my memory blog).

Latest things

Fawns, T., Mulherin, T., Hounsell, D., & Aitken, G. (2021). Seamful learning and professional education. Studies in Continuing Education

Fawns, T., Aitken, G. & Jones, D. (2021). Ecological teaching evaluation vs the datafication of quality: Understanding education with, and around, data. Postdigital Science and Education (special issue on Measuring excellence in Higher Education), 3, 65–82.

Fawns, T. (2020). The photo-elicitation interview as a multimodal site for reflexivity. In Visual Methods in Psychology (Second Edition), pp. 487–501. Reavey, P. (Ed.). Routledge.

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You can find my details on my University of Edinburgh page. Or you can get me at @timbocop on Twitter.

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Design, orchestration and fuelling: seeing past “front of house” teaching

Last year, pre-pandemic, I was asked for some thoughts on how we might understand teaching in a way that more clearly reflects the diverse educational activities that go on at my university. This came after some comments I made in response to the phrase “front of house teaching” that featured prominently in discourse about promotions. …

A conversation on hybrid teaching and online assessment design with Velda McCune

I’ve appropriated these clips from the University of Edinburgh hybrid teaching exchange in order to bring together the different strands of an interesting conversation with Velda that touched on lots of important issues for education during COVID-19 and more generally. Look out for some impromptu appearances from some of my children! Designing Assessments for Hybrid …